How It Works

YOUNIFI connects pro-social organizations and people based on skills, interest, and mutual needs, so they can achieve greater personal development and higher social impact, together!


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Finding Opportunities

YOUNFI’s platform makes it easier for people to get connected with opportunities and organizations that are great personal fits.


Be Inspired

Look for opportunities that truly inspire you. No matter what your needs, skills, curiosities or social causes of interest are.

Be Engaged

Get involved and jump right into action with like-minded organizations that care about the same things you care about.


Be Initiated

Learn and practice skills in the real world. Gain valuable experience and grow personally. But, make social impact while you are at it!

User Benefit

 Build your resume while still in university and be ahead in the competitive job market.

Transferable skills that prepare youth for the job market

Better internships that help develop your soft skills and technical skills.

Increase your network and find mentors who can help you in the job market.

Posting Opportunities

Organizations involved in social welfare or pro-social extra-curricular activities can register with YOUNIFI, so more people become aware of and involved in their work.


Post events, programs, internships, fundraisers, volunteering opportunities, etc with dates, venues, and details to maximize engagement and reach.


Include learning outcomes, eligibility, required skills, and social issues being addressed in your postings to pinpoint your audience.


YOUNIFI’s engine will ensure that the people who are holistically best suited for your postings, hear your call to action, the loudest!

Organization Benefit

Organizations increase their social impact and get connected to the right candidates.

Grow the number of volunteers and interns who help increase organizations’ social impact.

Develop new ways to connect with Bangladeshi youth.

Consultation opportunities with YOUNIFI to develop organizations’ social media presence.

The Impact


YOUNIFI brings people and organizations to a single platform to harness the diversity of opportunities and individuals around us, so that everyone gets to make a difference on behalf of an issue they personally care about, regardless of their skill-set and interests.

How It Started

Conceived in the early 2014, YOUNIFI is the idea of a group of young Bangladeshis that aim to help youth engagement, activism, and volunteerism flourish in Bangladesh. Since then YOUNIFI has been a three time Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative University in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We have also received support from Women for the World Fellowship from Bryn Mawr College, USA. In 2017, YOUNIFI was one of ten organizations to received the BYLC Youth Leadership Prize.



Find the latest opportunities on YOUNIFI’s website and be ahead of the curve. Organizations can post about their newest initiatives and spead the word on YOUNIFI’s platform.


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